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Chip In To Build The Complementary Educational Complex in Mauritania

Allah promised whoever helps enable pious deeds to get a reward similar to these obtained by those who follow him

Imagine if you get that reward by helping young students learn Islam and teach it to millions who are in a dire need for the light of the faith.

Anatomy Of The Educational Complex

  1. A modern school building.

  2. A boarding home for students.

  3. Gardens, playgrounds, and the outer fence

1- The modern school building


To provide a modern state-of-the-art school for students from Mauritania and its neighboring countries to grow, studying Islamic sciences and armed with modern technical knowledge.


  • Total area: 500 m2

  • School has 2 floors:

  • The ground floor has 3 classrooms, a teachers’ room, a computer room, and 10 bathrooms.

  • The 1st floor has 3 classrooms, a teachers’ room, a laboratory, and 10 bathrooms.

  • Each classroom is 35 m2 with a capacity for 30 students.


200 students


308,000 dollars (including furniture and 1st year’s operational costs)


2- Students’ boarding home


To provide a safe calm home for students coming from cities and countries far from the school.


  • Total area: 410 m2

  • The boarding home has 2 floors with each floor having 8 bedrooms, and 4 bathrooms.

  • Each room has a capacity for 6-7 students.

  • The whole building is divided into separated units allocated to students according to their age.


100 students



199,000 dollars (including furniture and 1st year’s operational costs)


3- Gardens, playgrounds, and the outer fence

  • With this component the whole area for this educational complex to 5000 m2 in anticipation of future expansions.

  • Cost: 30,000 dollars

Why Mauritania?

A beacon spreading faith for West Africa

  • Mauritania’s geographical location makes her the heart and the gate to the African west, where people from more than 18 countries live. It links the African West to the rest of the Muslim eastern countries.

  • Mauritanian Muslims were the pioneers who spread Islam in these countries over the centuries.

While Islam is the religion of 60% of people in West Africa, they still lack the presence of educated Muslim scholars who can teach them the basics and get them to reclaim Islam.

What is missing?

  • Muslim Mauritanian scholars have always played a crucial role in preserving Islamic science including the rules of Islamic law, Arabic language, and Sharia.

  • Over more than 500 years, Quran and other Islamic sciences were taught to students all over Mauritania in small Quran schools (Kuttabs). Education was fruitful and many proficient graduates went all over Africa to spread, preserve and teach Islam.

  • However, the outcome of this traditional approach has become less and less impactful in the Mauritanian society and the neighbouring countries due to 2 reasons:

  • The decrease in the number of graduates due to the long time needed for a student to learn and apprentice to scholars who don’t live in the same place.

  • Islamic and linguistic sciences being the main focus of students, while technical and modern science is neglected.

The Educational Complex as a solution

    • To make Mauritania do its role effectively again, this project aims to enhance both the modern sciences and the Islamic and Sharia sciences in parallel.

The main aim is to upbring a generation of active Muslim scholars armed with modern academic and technical knowledge to be effective Islamic leaders of their society and the neighboring countries.

  • The plan is to distribute the graduates of this school every year as follows:

  • Students who excel in the fields of modern technical and academic sciences will be sent to continue their education in universities inside and outside Mauritania.

  • Students who excel in Islamic sciences and Arabic language studies will graduate and be sent to the near and far African and Mauritanian regions to enlighten and educate others on the correct practice and understanding of Islam.

  • This project is a starting point for establishing a group of interconnected schools and educational complexes around Africa. All these schools will share this project’s vision and a database for optimal use of curriculums and managerial training. We aim to reach a point where we can have 1000 active graduates and scholars every year.

Get Involved

Donations and Sadaqa are always more influential when they help build humans. Give your donations an infinite value by funding the education of thousands of future Islamic advocates and scientists.

From our last trip to Mauritania

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