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Tanzania asks for help

Why Tanzania need your help?

-More than a third of households “live below the basic needs poverty line” earning less than $1 a day.

-More than 20% of the total population “live below the food poverty line”.

-Most of Tanzania’s population lives in rural areas, so these people are highly vulnerable to climate changes.

– Only 50 percent of Tanzania’s population of 53 million have access to an improved source of safe water.

How can you help them?

You can donate for these projects now:

-Digging water wells, to provide drinkable water for Tanzanian people.

– Providing Tanzanian with food buckets, so that they can fulfill their main needs.

– Visiting regular schools, to provide students with some educational tools.

-Delivering Sewing machines and some other tools to make clothe, that help widows to find income source.

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