Who are we?

Relife 4 Life Berhad is a non-profit and non-governmental charitable establishment, certified by The Malysian Comiision of Companies In Malaysia in 24/11/2016 under a licence no A 1210105 acoording to the law of companies and social establishments issued in 1965 A.D.


To be one of the largest charitable associations in the world.


To revive the sense of relief and to cultivate the goodness and giving values in the heart of evry man til hereafter.


1 – to participate in developping communities from the educational, helthy and economic aspects to raise its ability for progress and dvancement.

2 – to assist in mitigating the effects of naturalm catastorophs and offer helpp for damaged people.

3 – to support families particulary those who pass eceptional conditions because of either poverty, homeless or refugee to maintain the family’s cohesion and unity.

4 – to develop and increase the economic abilities of less-income families till it becomes able to acieve self-sufficiency.

5 – to take part in developping and elevating the infrastructure of communities which are in utmost need for educational, economic and healthy services.

6 – to establish a charitable lien that gurantees the sustainability of our current and future projects.

Policies and strategies

1 – Working with all people without bias towrds religion, race or doctrine.

2 – the professional administrative organization to achieve the highest levels of idealistic management.

3 –  openness on the whole charitable organizations and intensifying the work relationships as well asexchanging experiences.

4 – working accoridng to the laws existent in the whole countries where projects and programs are implemented.

5 – Working with utmost clarity especially in the financial and adminstrative aspects.

6 – Making accurate fesability studies for the projects and programs before implementation.

7 – the periodic evaluation and feedback after finishing every project or program.m

8-non interfernce absolutely in the factionalistic or politicl affairs in countries where we are working.