The sponsorship of 35 university students

The sponsorship of 35 university students

University students are the most categories whom Relief4life establishment is keen on supporting and rehabilitation. They will become effective and impressive members in their societies in the near future. They also are supposed to provide leaders who will work on developing their communities.

Because of the importance of this project, we have started this year with sponsoring 35 university students in Cambodia kingdom after selecting them accurately according to scientific and ethical standards and under the supervision of a staff qualified to deal with this age in order to make sure that the final output will be distinguished according to our goals and strategies in this field.

During the years that these students spend in this age, rehabilitative, scientific and cultural programs are provided to promote their thought, cultural and leader levels in addition to a daily monitor through reports. These reports are analyzed periodically to explore the areas of distinguish and talent in the personality of each student which will be guided correctly in the future so that these promising powers can graduate as great leaders and afford the honesty and responsibility of building their communities.

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1 September، 2017